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What We Offer


Compose. Connect. Cultivate.

This is the VitalConex three step process that is customized to your specific team need.


Our offerings combine interactive sessions and workshops that utilize the VitalBrain framework for building psychological safety, ConexLab for fun and creative ideation, and our dedication to make sure you get outcomes that provide value. That's VitalConex!


We are available for workshops, trainings, keynotes and longer term embedded engagements. Thank you for considering a partnership with VitalConex. 




Effective training means that you leave with knowledge or a skill that is new and immediately available. Whether it is how to build authentic psychological safety or infuse simple tips on creating more distinctive and powerful ideation into your team, we can help.


VC Embedded

Transformation takes time. Successful transformation takes even longer. We are available for longer-term partnerships to ensure that outcomes stick, people stay empowered and team and organizational cultures thrive.



Our full workshops are the keystone to pivoting from effective teams to empowered teams. Using our Compose, Connect, Cultivate framework, we build customized, strong workshops that are in tune with your specific team and team objective. 


VC Talks

A little inspiration can go a long way. When it's embedded with respectful humor and customized to your needs, it can set a guiding light toward where you are heading. Let us help you bring motivation and creativity to your internal or external engagement.

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