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Access what is possible when teams feel psychologically safe and creative.

 A therapist and a humorist walk into a team meeting....


VitalConex fosters the vital connections needed for focused, united teams AND creative problem-solving.


We do this by first establishing a healthy, psychologically safe foundation. This frees up the collective creativity of the team to address a specific challenge.


Separately, each approach works, but together, they are the perfect combination of two high-value components – the “peanut butter cup" of successful teams!

The Peanut Butter Cup of Leading Teams

Here's where it matters most

Change management & transformation
Mergers & acquisitions with distinct cultures
Crisis/setback management that cause fear & blame
Newly formed teams that need to perform quickly
Recovery from restructuring or layoffs
Addressing integration or team dynamics that may cause stagnation
Strategic planning requiring focus and agile decision making
Ideation for innovation, creativity & development

3 Steps to 1 Leading Team

Our offerings combine interactive sessions and workshops that build psychological safety, leverage humor for creative ideation, and help achieve meaningful goals.


Marc and Leslie of VitalConex conducted a workshop for our team’s annual planning meeting.  Their work was instrumental in helping us to kick off the year as a stronger, more connected team!  The VitalConex framework has really helped us to develop even stronger connections among team members.  The best part is we are a month out from our workshop and the team is still talking about the concepts and ideas. Highly recommended!

Don Warkentin

Vice President of Training

Dale Carnegie Training

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