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Nice to meet you.

We're Leslie and Marc, Founders of VitalConex.

B.S. Finance

M.S Clinical Mental Health Counseling

  • Global Marketing Operations, Philips, Creative Agencies

  • Financial planning and operations

  • Therapist and counselor

B.S. Biology & Psychology

M.B.A Marketing

• Global Marketing, Philips, GE     

• Content Leader & Communications, Philips, GE

• Author, songwriter, stand-up comedian

• Marketing Consultant

A therapist and a storyteller     
walk into a team meeting....

...and VitalConex was born!


The punchline is anything but expected... but it's true. 


Leslie is the therapist.

Marc is the storyteller.

But before this, we were addressing the "low hanging fruit", trying not to "boil the ocean" and looking for that "game changer" just like you!

VitalConex was formed by two professionals who are business bred and human led with unique experience in marketing, psychology, comedy writing, and storytelling.


This combination allows for a unique and dynamic approach to loosening the knots that get in the way of progress and creating space and vitality for new and enjoyable ways of thinking about challenges and their solutions.

We asked ourselves over and over again - for all the great intentions, why is it so hard for change to stick, new ideas to be generated and teams to really gel through it all? Where are the vital connections? 

At the same time, our passions - psychology and comedy - kept developing, despite what our need for sleep might have otherwise hoped for.

Today, we leverage the disciplinary insights and techniques from our work in therapy and comedy. This helps teams to move beyond team building and business strategy, to connected teams that create with renewed vitality. It's a pretty nutty story but, remember - we are talking about the "peanut butter cup of successful teams"!



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