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The VitalBrain
The start of true psychological safety.

VitalBrain is the way a strong foundation is built to connect to more possibilities.

We start where personality tests, work-style archetype exercises, and team building efforts often fall short - the mental spot where people actually reside.


Through an investigation of The Unspoken Human Landscape and the role of brain circuitry, we rally around a different kind of team goal for an unanticipated outcome. It centers on understanding the difference between both the thinking and the feeling brain circuits* and their role in team safety. Here is where "the magic happens".

This "magic" gets cultivated in our Intuitive Trust segment which fuels the VitalBrain framework and provides the foundation for any team to creatively ideate in a way that is solutions-oriented and empowering.



Thinking and feeling brain circuits matter for teams to work collaboratively.

Our interactive framework based upon critical insights and techniques from psychology and neuroanatomy leads to true psychological safety.

*As referenced in Whole Brain Living, Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor
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