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VitalConex uses psychology and humor to build strong teams and creative solutions to everyday business challenges.

The vital connections needed for focused, united teams and creative problem-solving.

Humor and psychology are the key to thriving, connected teams.

Why VitalConex?

The peanut butter cup of successful teams.


Teambuilding coaches focus on the stages of team development. Business strategists help teams address a specific need or challenge. But these separate approaches often do not deliver long-term impact.


VitalConex fosters the vital connections needed for focused, united teams AND creative problem-solving.


We do this by first establishing a healthy, psychologically safe foundation. This frees up the collective creativity of the team to address a specific challenge. Separately, each approach works, but together, they are the perfect combination of two high-value components – the “peanut butter cup" of successful teams!

How we incorporate psychological safety into teams.


We compose a team environment that goes beneath the surface and considers the overlooked core conditions

needed for true psychological safety. VitalBrain   is the framework we use to build strong teams.


How we use humor to create and ideate.


We then work with teams to connect creatively through unique team exercises that are specific to the identified team

goal. ConexLab   workshops create new ideas and outcomes.


How we get teams to succeed long-term.


As a result, teams cultivate unexpected and new solutions otherwise unidentified. This is VitalConex!


"Marc and Leslie of VitalConex conducted a workshop for our team’s annual planning meeting.  Their work was instrumental in helping us to kick off the year as a stronger, more connected team!  The VitalConex framework has really helped us to develop even stronger connections among team members.  The best part is we are a month out from our workshop and the team is still talking about the concepts and ideas. Highly recommended!"

Don Warkentin/Vice President of Training/Dale Carnegie Training

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