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Humor glue

Like a good fly trap - it's sticky but it's effective.

"Laughter is the sign of a strong team", Business Insider, 2020

"Using humor to build a high-performing workplace", Forbes, 2019

These are just some of the well-respected business journals that have recently espoused the value of humor in the workplace. As you might guess by now, the secret spice that humor provides, like any good dish, can make your message and connections stand out - as long as you are using the right spice and the right amount.

There are plenty of examples of why humor is important, as well as suggestions on how to get started. But what are some practical ways that you can use humor as a glue - applied at the right time and place - to really make your messages and team relationships stick?

Funny, you are

Appoint a "humor Yoda". How about a different one for your weekly or biweekly team meeting? Each week, provide a start or end to the meeting with a funny video, meme, or another type of appropriate levity to get the glue flowing.

Pick a challenge

We're confident you can think of one related to your team. Set up a workshop using a humor technique that will help address the task at hand, while also providing some fun. A simple "yes/and" or joke mapping type exercise can get the ball rolling.

Tickle the elephant

Humor is an effective way to address the proverbial "elephant" in the room. Some subjects may be too sensitive to warrant any comedic approach. However, you would be surprised - more than not - you can apply a bit of fun to most "elephants" and it helps break tension while also opening up the vital brain connections needed to problem solve. Here's one idea: for each "elephant", write it down on a chart with two adjacent columns: "what we want" and "what we don't want". Use humor to go to extremes and watch the ideas start to flow.

We've all been part of teams we really enjoy. Usually, there is a sense of being able to just be, take a deep breath and move through an agenda in a way that is professional yet open and authentic. Chances are, humor is the glue that helps do exactly that.

The VITAL5 ROUNDUPHumor glue

1. Muscle up – deliberately exercise the humor muscle -it's good for you, the team, and your organization

2. It's sticky because it works– a practical infusion of humor gets messages, connections, and progress to places faster and more effectively

3. Humorous he is Find the inner Yodas on your team and appoint them to infuse the funny into meetings, presentations, and brainstorming

4. Get ready to rumble, humorously – you'd be surprised by the level of challenge that can start to unwind with a bit of humor technique

5. Tickle the elephant –be cautious about the angle but humor can address even sensitive topics in a way that is funny and respectful

VitalConex is a connect-and-create company. To learn more about the "peanut butter cup" of successful teams, check us out at

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