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Is Humor a Pill or a Bandage?

We would be so much better off filling a prescription for humor.

Humor is a funny thing (literally but you get the point). Humor can be thought of as a pill - something to relieve some pain, even for a short while, or a bandage - to stop the "bleeding" until the healing process can begin.

Zone Out

The more you get comfortable showing the humorous side of yourself, the more your comfort zone expands. You might even feel a bit more authentic - like the proverbial fish finding its way back toward the sea.

Your Prescription is Ready

Humor can be incredibly potent for getting a message across, connecting people, and creativity - all reasons we love to use it in our workshops. One of the most impressive powers of humor, also, is its ability to show up when things are difficult, stressful, or uncomfortable.

Side Effects are Possible

Humor just may be the connector that introduces you to some of the richest, most real relationships you could ever hope for. People with a healthy sense of humor tend to have a wider "view" of things – warts and all – and not only accept it but understand it, also. When one has both acceptance and understanding, that is where true psychological safety is sure to thrive.

Humor Makes Vulnerability...Not So Vulnerable

For all the amazing buzz vulnerability gets these days (thank you Brene Brown), it is still not an easy thing for most of us. Humor may be just the disguise needed to wrap some of your more vulnerable and authentic moments in something not so daunting. Instead of feeling wounded, you start to feel (you guessed it) a bit healed.

If You Make a Joke and No One is There to Laugh..

You can guess the rest. It's great to have a laugh to yourself. We recommend it often. Humor, as we have written about many times, is like any other muscle. It takes practice and commitment- but it's so much easier on the knees. Bring a pill or bandage to your next meeting and be open about it - let people relate!

The VITAL5 ROUNDUP– The Humor Pill or Bandage

  1. Zone Out - Sprinkle a little humor into your day more often and watch your comfort zone widen.

  2. The Humor Rx - Imagine a pill "Humorfy" taken once daily to take the edge off when things don't go according to plan (ie. usually).

  3. Safety warning - psychological safety, that is - an enhanced by-product of Humor Rx.

  4. Find your inner Brene Brown - Don't have the cool threads? Worry not - humor is just the wrap you need to disguise vulnerability into something more comfortable.

  5. Sharing is caring - Inject humor into your thoughts often but don't forget us - you might surprise people and then who knows what can happen.

VitalConex is a connect-and-create company. To learn more about the "peanut butter cup" of successful teams, check us out at

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