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Storytelling Secret Sauce - Part 1 (The power of a winning story)

Updated: May 23, 2023

Two guys standing, one covering the others' lips and the other opening up the others' eyes.
Every picture tells a story - but clearly these guys aren't talking.

If you think back to almost any event – whether it was the first time you met a best friend or partner, the outcome of a race or election, or a situation that left you laughing, grateful, dumbfounded, or exasperated – they are all driven by compelling narrative.

The best stories always win.

In fact, the best stories often gain the most attention – whether they deserve to or not. That's the power of a winning story.

Good stories deliver a message. Great stories cause you to act.

Why is this such a phenomenon?

Stories are the most poignant communication vehicle to help provide a bridge between you, your goal, your mission, your product, and the person or persons on the other side – your audience. The most integrated channel plan (social media, digital, print, etc.) won’t work if the story it has to deliver is not compelling and drives to an action of some sort.

This is your brain on stories.

Remember that egg in the frying pan commercial "This is your brain on drugs"? Well, look it up if you didn't grow up in the U.S. in the 80s. Suffice it to say, it was what you probably expect. But more compelling is that when we hear a compelling story it effectuates our current state by releasing neurochemicals that make people more open and more generous. Who wouldn’t want that? This is your brain on humor is much more inviting!

Storytelling is human nature.

We tell stories all the time – whether we know it or not. Many times, it may only be told to ourselves and that non-stop voice that creates narratives and scenarios to get us through another day of work or putting up with a kid’s tantrum.

The prep is the hardest part.

It is not difficult to tell a good story but like most things, there is a structure that is needed. Just as you prepare a room before painting it, the story benefits from the same type of preparation – with respect to point of view, characters, themes, tones, story elements, and goal.

The VITAL5 ROUNDUPStorytelling Secret Sauce

1. The best stories win – grab attention and grab the prize.

2. Great stories lead to action – remember good stories, but feel great ones and this motivates action.

3. Love isn't the only drug in non-pill form humor releases neurochemicals that lead to openness and generosity. Fill out your prescription often.

4. Acknowledge your inner narrator – we tell stories to ourselves constantly. Use your power for good.

5. Preparation turns a story into a call to action –stay tuned for future blogs to learn how.

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