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The H Factor

Humor positive - mime skills not required..

You've heard of the X-Factor.

Before it was a hit TV series, it referred to that undeniable "it" quality that turn somebody into a star.

But have you ever heard of the H-Factor?

It may not have you singing or dancing in front of Simon Cowell but it can last a lot longer.

The H-Factor is the undeniable impact that humor can have on building stronger connections in times of ease and times of challenge.

It is scientifically proven.

Edward de Bono, MD, Ph.D. (19 May 1933 – 9 June 2021), a leading international authority in the field of creative thinking and innovation gets right to the secret superpower that the H-Factor can be: "Humor is by far the most significant behavior of the human mind….tells more about how the brain works as mind, than does any other behavior of the mind – including reason It tells us directly about the possibility of changes in perception. It shows us that these changes can be followed by instant changes in emotion – something that can never be achieved by logic.”

Humor: it's the great mind hack.

Note that we are not talking about the ability to be funny as a superpower. Rather, it is the skill, mood, and quality of humor that continues to be studied for the role it has in facilitating learning, promoting creativity, reducing fear of change, and even Implementing change behavior.

Humor is a skill and a muscle, that when understood, exercised, and incorporated correctly, can have a profound impact on your organization, your messaging, and individual and team performance.

The integration of humor can lead to sustainable improvements.

When the skills affiliated with humor are appropriately woven into marketing & communications, creativity, and message retention skills are increased to positively impact brands, organizations, and relationships, both internally and externally with customers.

Executive leaders require results.

Responsible, creative, and appropriate humor in business has been proven to lead to more cohesive teams, an increased open culture, and enhanced productivity and creativity.

There are a lot of side effects.

Like any good prescription commercial, be forewarned, a daily dose of humor may:

  • Increases collaboration

  • Improves communication

  • Enhances creativity

  • Empowers organizational culture

  • Increases morale

  • Increases productivity & the bottom line

  • Decreases stress


1. Trust the science: – no other behavior tells us more about the workings of the brain than humor.

2. Hacking change – humor facilitates creativity, learning and overcoming the fear of transformation.

3. Humor is the ultimate KPI get this one right and watch performance, satisfaction, and impact grow.

4. Leaders lead, but successful ones do so with humor it's the secret to authentic team cohesion, productivity, and results.

5. Humor has lots of side effects –it increases everything except stress.

VitalConex is a connect-and-create company. To learn more about the "peanut butter cup" of successful teams, check us out at

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